5 Min Fix: Standing Abs Workout For All Levels No Equipment Home Fitness

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Fit in a quick but effective core workout any time with this 5-Minute (seriously, the routine is exactly 5 minutes – we timed it!) Fix Standing Abs! No equipment required, just jump in and do it before you change your mind!

Level: All

Equipment: None

Intensity: Moderate

This 5-move, 5-minute routine burns calories, elevates the heart rate and works the muscles in the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques with these exercises:

High Knee Crunches Marching
Standing Spider Side Climber
Squat Cross Crunch
Cross Punch and Knee Twist
Standing Opposite Arm and Leg Reach Balance

Leave me a comment below and let me know what other #5MinFix workouts you’d like to see (and did you like this one?!?) 🙂

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Bonnie Gilfillan says:

your exercises are so efficient and effective and effervescent! Thank you!

Karen W says:

Always come back to this one ! Love it ! Thank you Jessica 💪

starlight9563 says:

plz do a 5 min barre and dance workouts thanks

JY Xander says:

I love the short/quick workout but very effective. I love this standing Abs workout Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

alissa schmitz says:

This was my abs workout for today it was only 5 minutes but very effective it was a great workout. I repeated this 3 times i could feel the burn the hole time i am feeling it already thanks for working out with me this morning Jessica.

carol D says:

I like to do the 5 minute fixes during commercial breaks. You can get a good workout in during an hour show. Thanks Jessica!

Crazy Chicken says:

#FITIN15 Day 10 done. I loved this workout, I just felt a little awkward doing the last exercise (Standing Opposite Arm and Leg Reach Balance) – might be because I have a hard time keeping neutral spine in that position.

Gillmojo says:

Thank you so much for these, Jessica. Struggling with depression and menopause, feeling fat and frumpy and listless. These 5 minute workouts are perfect as I don't feel that sinking feeling when I decide to workout. Achievable and got my heart-rate going.

jap crp says:

Great workout and one I will try to see if I can get motivated to workout each day in addition to water aerobics.  Anyway my question is what device are you wearing that beeps when one minute is up?  That is a challenge for me to know when a minute is up unless I just stare at the clock and then I'm not focused on the exercise.  Thanks for a great site and for your reply.  Enjoy your day…Judy :)

LooneyTunes Horner says:

Great workout but I find it hard to keep balance.

Jenna Paulson says:

love this workout! so easy, i can do it anywhere…. even between the stacks at the library while taking a study break! yessss 🙂 x

missezmoffett says:

How do we know how much calories we burned?

Elizabeth Cencetti says:

did this after the 15 minute core workout. felt it more in my legs than core. great exercise!

Sarah Ainsworth says:

Yay… So pleased I found this🐾

Sonja Garofalo says:

I'm so glad I found your workouts Jessica!  I'm just starting into fitness, wanting to lose 20pounds and get fit overall.  Your workouts are so doable.

I have one question….what can I do to work out my abs when I suffer from gastric reflux?  I can't do any bending over exercises or jumping ones.  I already do push ups against the wall.  Whenever you have an exercise I can't do because of this I just replace it with more lunges.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks!!!

Lara Sparks says:

Finishing off Day 10 of the #FITIN15  challenge!  Now I definitely feel my abs!  And my hips, actually.  But feeling good and looking forward to tomorrow's workouts!

Eva S. says:

Finished this work out after core concentration, this one kept my heart rate elevated, a def bonus, Thanks Jessica!

Jennifer Lufman says:

Added this to #FITIN15 Core Concentration. This one got my heart rate up there! Moving on to Dance Walk. I am loving the old Walk On dvd!

Marie-Annick Bordeleau says:

#FITIN15 had to keep going after Core Concentration…..moving on to hard core abs next!

Karine H says:

#FITIN15 Bonus workout for today. Great fun to do. Thank you!

Sherry G says:

Did this one again today. I love this workout, and add it in at least once a week.

Kathleen Foyle says:

#fitin15  day 3 week 2 complete. I love the standing abs workout! Feeling great. Thanks for the workout. 

Amy Davis says:

And the little bonus done too :)

Lynn Malik says:

Really enjoy this workout!  Great add on to the FitIn15 program!

Vickie Mellino says:

Great quick routine!!! Thank you and have an amazing day!!!

Gemita Vasquez says:

Added this 5min fix to #FITIN15 Core Concentration workout. Perfect way to start my day! Only 20 minutes in total but it got the heart pumping. Fabulous!!

Jane Yeoman says:

Brilliant for those five minutes while the kettles boiling 👍

solveig skaland says:

Finished for today and added the 5-min fix standing abs. That was enough for me. Slow and steady wins the race so I do not want to overdo things 🙂 Feeling great and ready to tackle the rest of the day :)

Nita P says:

LOVE standing abs work!  I'm sweating, so I think it was very effective.  TIDBIT:  The lighting in my room was different during this workout, and cast a big shadow of myself on the wall in front of me… I found that turning to watch my shadow allowed me to focus on the moves and my form, rather than on the imperfections I would typically see when looking into a mirror… .. I highly recommend it!!!

Goddess Librarian says:

#quickfit day 33 done!!!

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