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Roelly Winklaar:
Just so much mass just hangs from his upper limbs, that his arms just stop the show when he’s “on”. Tough choice between him and Priest.

The 2015 Mr Olympia Contest The 2015 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition that was held on September 19–21, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the 51st Mr. Olympia competition celebrated. Other events at the exhibition included the 212 Olympia Showdown, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Bikini Olympia, Women’s Physique Showdown, and Men’s Physique Showdown contests.

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Build Bigger Arms Now
Roelly Winklaar Shows You How

Roelly Winklaar burst on the pro bodybuilding scene in early 2010, making his debut on the same Arnold Classic stage he had earned his pro card exactly one year prior at the Arnold Amateur. His appearance there was via the automatic invitation that each Arnold Amateur winner receives to compete in the pro show the following year. Nobody was expecting much from this soft-spoken guy with the enormous shoulders and arms from the Caribbean island of Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles, a place with a population of a mere 141,000 souls. All the talk that year centered on the big names entering: Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson and Branch Warren. But the breakout star of that show was undoubtedly Roelly, whose full, round muscle bellies and aesthetic shape bore more than a passing resemblance to future four-time Mr. O Heath. Two months later, Roelly scored his first pro win at the New York Pro. In the years that followed, he became a fan favorite— massive, rock-hard and with amazing shape and symmetry.

Destined to Be the Owner of Large-Caliber Guns

Like many of us, the first photo Roelly ever saw that made him want to be a bodybuilder was of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a side shot with both arms thrust in front of him to show off both the triceps (of the arm closer to us) and his astounding biceps. Roelly wanted arms like that one day, and luckily for him, his genetic makeup allowed him to get them. “Once I started training, it was my shoulders and arms that grew the quickest,” he told me. “Some guys at the gym would even get mad because they had been training so much longer and my arms were already bigger than theirs! So I have to give a lot of credit to my genetics for my arms.”

His triceps have been compared in arguments about whose were the best of all time to MD’s own Kevin Levrone, and they grew so easily that Roelly has had phases where he trained them just once every three weeks. His background in gymnastics as a youth (he can still do a backflip) certainly gave those tri’s a hell of a head start too, along with his melon delts. He really only trains them more often leading up to a contest, as he finds his triceps look more dense and detailed with more frequent workouts. His biceps aren’t quite as responsive, so it’s been a challenge for them to keep pace and match his giant tri’s. Here are the exercises Roelly uses to blast those monster guns, along with his explanations on why and how he does them.

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Who has the best arms of all time? The gut reaction answer of many would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. But not so fast Sparkie, Arnold may have had the best biceps ever (with mountainous peaks befitting an Austrian) but his forearms and triceps lagged in comparison. By “arms” we mean the whole enchilada of the upper limb with which you eat enchiladas. That means biceps, triceps, brachialis and forearms.

Some great champs besides Arnold have had great parts to an arm without the complete armory. Ronnie Coleman had terrific biceps, with forearms and triceps that didn’t match up. Dorian Yates had amazing triceps and forearms but his biceps were not in the same league. Libor Minarik 1980s star from the Czech Republic had probably the best triceps ever but the rest of his arm development was a notch or two below.


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Lmao… sry Lee Priest takes the cake on all things arms…

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