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Best Deer Antler Velvet Supplement

The magic supplement for bodybuilders? Used by the chinese for thousands of years doctors in the west are now reccomending it because they believe it can improve muscle strength; improve muscle recovery after training and boost energy levels for longer; harder workouts.

The science behind these claims are still under review but the thinking seems logical. Deer antlers grow at a high speed and the supplements are taking the regenerative qualities and making them available to humans in a biological way.

Deer Antler Plus Supplement For Body Building

Plus; possibly the best deer antler velvet supplement on the market is harvested from New Zealand deer antler velvet. It is taken from the growing tips of the antlers which contain the most potent chemicals and the antler will regrow in a few weeks. The harvesting is humanely done under licensed conditions by qualified deer farmers; so no harm is done to the animal.

Does Deer Antler Velvet Work As A Body Building Supplement?

To answer that question lets hear from some of the verified buyers of Deer Antler Plus:

Dave Grimes
Verified Purchase

I started using Dear Antler Plus about 3 months ago and it feels like I’m a monster. I’ve seen bigger gains in 90 days of Deer Antler than I’ve seen in 3 years of working out on my own. I’ve tried preworkout stuff; whey protein; all that and nothing; not one of them; has worked as well as Deer Antler Plus.I don’t see me stopping anytime soon; this stuff is the real deal.

Colin Hamm
Verified Purchase

The title says it all; I’m more defined than ever; but that’s while adding huge gains in muscle mass. My biceps have grown probably an inch each since I’ve been taking it; but I haven’t changed my work out regiment at all. I’m way more cut and defined from my shoulders; to my abs; to that line down the middle of each of my calves; I look like I’m 4% body fat or something. Best purchase of my life.

Deer Antler Supplements In The News

ABC News reports; MLB players have been warned that Deer Antler is now a banned performance-enhancing substance due to its muscle-building and fat-cutting effects.

CBS says; “due to the increasing body of evidence of its effectiveness to maximize the body’s potential. Deer Antler provides all the benefits of having growth hormone without actually taking growth hormone.”

More Deer Antler Supplement Reviews:

Thomas Griswold
Verified Purchase

I’ve only been taking Deer Antler plus for about a month because I got the trial order; but I just ordered 3 more months because it works so well. I can see noticeable improvements in my chest; shoulders and arms; and my quads are getting crazy defined. I’ve also noticed that my muscle fatigue has gone down since taking it so I could work out harder every day; instead of being sore and tired from the day before.

Verified Purchase

OMG Deer Antler Plus is legit. This is the only thing that’s worked for me trying to make noticeable gains. I’ve been about 140 all of my adult life; but the second I started taking DA+; the gains just came naturally. The only problem I have with it is it’s sold out pretty often. Tried to get a 6 month supply but they were out of stock. UPDATE: Finally found it in stock. Ordered 6 months worth just so I don’t get blocked out again.

Skyler Hilkinene
Verified Purchase

Right now I’m cultivating mass in order to get cut and defined later on; and I’m positive Deer Antler Plus is helping me do that; I’ve never been so blown away by a product before. Massive gains and quick recoveries. Couldn’t ask for more.

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Professional ball player Adam Greenberg used Deer Antler velvet to repair a torn rotator cuff. His doctor is now recommending it to his other patients.


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