Birth Control Pills & Bodybuilding : A Life Lesson

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This really was a `DUH!` moment in my life. I really hope his video reaches out to those who went through/are currently going though something similar. If you are trying to build mass and get lean, estrogen is the enemy!!!

Thanks again for watching, you guys! I will be back regularly from here on out! Lots of great things coming your way!

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Lind0487 says:

Hi! I found your video because I'm in desperate need of help because of being on the pill. I've been dieting and lifting hard In preparation for a bikini show for 6 months now and cannot lose the cellulite and fat off my butt and thighs. I know it's the pill that's doing this, but I'm terrified to get off because I've been on it since age 12 due to irregular periods. I've heard horror stories about getting horrific acne when getting off the pill and I DO NOT want that happening to me. Did being on the pill affect your losing cellulite for shows?? I'm tired of being a slave to the pill, but acne is my worst nightmare. Wanted to see what your experience was with acne and getting off the pill. Thanks so much!

natassjalav says:

This video really hit home with me, i have exactly all of the same symptoms you say you did while on the pill. I recently stopped taking it and I've also been on a high for the last 2 weeks haha! Thanks for this, it gave me a lot of guidance <3

Nadia says:

Do you think IUD provides a good protection? What do you think most women in bodybuilding use?

Ellen Hendricks says:

THANK YOU for posting this video. I have been on the BC pill for about three years. I have been eating extremely clean for about a year now, but I only started lifting about two or three months ago… Lo and behold, since then, every stereotypical PMS symptom has smacked me in the face, particularly with my mood. I am known for my level head and to feel so miserable for no reason is awful. I did get put on birth control for acne but it stopped helping after a while, and I've been keeping it at bay with a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide at night so the acne is a negligible issue at this point. I will be researching non-hormonal forms of birth control – THANK YOU SOPHIE <3 I followed you on instagram :3

tay b says:

Dermatologist told me it takes a year to flush everything completely out .

Sophie P. Fitness says:

Just want to add as a side note that I am currently in a long term relationship and that is the only reason why I'm not interested in continuing using condoms. Those of you who are not, I highly recommend sticking to them as they are the only form of birth control that will protect you from STIs (aside from abstinence obviously…). PLAY SAFE!

cutelisasmiles says:

so did you get an iud?

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