Bodybuilding Full Forearm Workout (Giant Set By: Sean Patterson)

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Bodybuilding Full Forearm Workout (Giant Set By: Sean Patterson)
for bodybuilding find a weight that is too hard to get a 13th rep with good form as 12 rep max is best for hypertrophy
for fitness use light weight that is slightly difficult to do 15-30 reps but to not go to muscle failure as with fitness the goal is just to strengthen and tone the muscles slightly
in this video I use fitness reps but also use muscle failure which is a combination of fitness,endurance, and bodybuilding
1 giant set may be plenty for you once or twice a week depending on your goals
perform the Giant set with only 20 seconds rest between each movement (remember a giant set is very difficult and you must be careful and use the weight appropriate for your goal and body type as things differ person to person)
you can also do more simple work outs with the movements I show in this video for example
3-5 sets of wrist curls on bench (wrist flexion)
3-5 sets reverse wrist curls (reverse wrist flexion)
3-5 sets Hammer Curls (brachioradialis, forearm and bicep)
3-5 sets reverse bicep curls (brachioradialis,forearm and bicep)
3-5 sets behind the back barbell wrist curls (forearm isolation ,wrist flexion ,really great for overall forearm mass)
Clearly 3 sets is plenty and do not go to failure on every set as that is my personal choice but the challenge is up to you if you do want to.
Remember you may want to work forearms twice a week and split the work out into two as 15 sets is much too high volume for some people. Know your body.
Wait no longer then 1 minute between each set if your not doing a Giant set.
Goodluck with your forearm muscle goals. I hope you Enjoyed my humor and I really apologize for the bad camera but if you work out along with me you will not regret the work out so please take time to watch the video. Thank you youtube Fans I will keep posting


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