British Minister Condemns ‘Barbaric Attack’

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British Home Secretary Amber Rudd described the deadly blast in the city of Manchester on May 22 as a “barbaric attack.”
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Jeff Strange says:

Eventually they'll run out of words to use and round them up and get-em the hell outta there !

MultiChubby1 says:


Michael Petterson says:

we must slaughter our politicians if we want western civilisation to survive

Jeff Laffite Jones says:

This is the product of the suicidal Leftists and the evil fruit of the Liberal Lunatics and their alliance with Terrorists and a Cult of Death Religion. I blame this on you fucking Sociopath Liberals more and i hate you liberals more than Islam.
The incompetent inept Democrats must be removed from office. Democrats/Liberals are incapable of making rational decisions to protect our people and i refuse to put my life in the hands of Suicidal Lunatics that think FEELINGS are more important than LIFE.

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