Cardio, Calisthenics & Weight Training | 45 Minute Home Gym Workout – 41- THE CUTUP EP 4.

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In this video I take it way back to the basic!! Let’s get fit together! It is always a good idea to incorporate a variety of exercises in your workout routine. Mix it up a bit and see how your body responds. Enjoy the workout.


Exercise #1

Speed Rope – Double Unders/Regular jump Rope

3 (Sets) 3 minute burst

This means you try to go for 3 minutes straight and at a comfortable speed. Rest period between each set should be between 45 seconds to 1 minute.

Note – For 3 minute bursts, a 150-pound person will burn about 65 Calories

Exercise #2

Boxing Slip Rope Drills

3 (Sets) 2 minute burst

Boxing slip rope drills build MENTAL AWARENESS, SPEED and AGILITY. Rest period between each set should be 1 minute

Exercise #3

Heavy Bag Drills

2 (Sets) 1 minute burst

Heavy Bag Drills build physical endurance and condition the entire body. Rest period between each set should be 45 seconds

Exercise #4


4 (Sets) X 6-8 Reps

Pull ups work the brachialis andbrachioradialis in the arms. These muscles are located near the elbow, and help move the forearm. The biceps brachii, or simplybiceps, cross the elbow and shoulder joints and work to flex the elbow joint during the exercise. They are involved more with a supine grip. Rest period between each set should be 1 minute.

Exercise #5


3 (Sets) X 10-15 Reps

Sit-ups strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is similar to a crunch (crunches target the rectus abdominus and also work the external and internal obliques), but sit-ups have a fuller range of motion and condition additional muscles. Rest period between each set should be 1 minute.

Exercise #6

Leg Raises

2 (Sets) X 6-8 Reps

The leg raise is a strength training exercise which targets the iliopsoas (the interior hipflexors). Because the abdominal muscles are used isometrically to stabilize the body during the motion, leg raises are also often used to strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle and the internal and external oblique muscles. Rest period between each set should be 1 minute

Exercise #7

Resistance Band Training

Superset Bicep Curls with Overhead Shoulder Presses

2 (Sets) X 10 Reps

Resistance bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body. Rest period between each set should be 1 minute

Exercise #8

Bench Press

4 (Sets) 4-6 Reps / Pyramid up
the primary muscle targeted with the bench press is the pectoral, or chest muscle. Bodybuilders use the bench press to build a massive thick chest; it is one of the three lifts included in the sport of powerlifting. You don’t have to be an athlete to incorporate the move into your strength-training routine. Anyone can benefit from performing the bench press because it is a compound movement that activates many muscles of the upper body.

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kortezfitness says:

Just subbed your boxing skill are cold…. /Liked/

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good vid!

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nice workout!

Jonathan Casares says:

That's really cool that you do boxing !!
I need to throw boxing in my training just to get my wind. Good training!!!

Alpha Bedics says:

2:11 Bandzz that makes her dance! haha Looking juicy in those pull ups bruh! Oh, & that uppercut gave me a flashback to the Hangover 1 haha LIKED -Alpha Bedics

Chriss Chross says:

nice video and a nice workout! This is fitness, Top!!See you

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Nice workout bro… Got to make sure you keep the head warm too lol. 💪🏾

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Nice one :)

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you got hella space for your home gym , once its finished its gonna be sick , gotta step my home gym up

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Nice workout! Love the versatility!



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Looking ripped bro!

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daaamn nice cardio! and great workout!

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Beastin' out. That's whatsup right there.

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Damn beast brother! Knockout for daysss

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Mechanics are key to getting GAINZ and reducing injuries. That workout was awesome man and I love the logo graphics too.


Home gym looks great!

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