Cellucor C4 Extreme | Pre Workout Supplement Review

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In this video I have another pre workout supplement review for ya; Cellucor C4 Extreme in Fruit Punch flavour. This was my first time trying a Cellucor product after hearing some good things about them previously… did not dissapoint!


Taste – 10/10
Mixability – 10/10
Pump – 7/10
Energy – 8/10
Focus – 5/10

Overall – 8/10

Cellucor C4 Extreme certainly shines in terms of mixability and taste – completely dissolves and tastes sweet, natural and like you would expect from a fruit flavoured drink.

The energy from this product is smooth and steady, doesn’t really deliver much in the focus department but doesn’t have any negative effects and the pump is above average but not one of the best products I have tried.

That being said I have Cellucor’s M5 to try which is a pre workout with more emphasis on muscle building / pump rather than energy and focus. Watch this space… will be coming soon!

Overall I like this product and I am a new fan of Cellucor. I would recommend this PWO.

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emilio kowalski says:

Two scoops made me feel itchy as hell and sleepy, I'm not sure why since everyone tells me its the best thing ever.

thiaga78 says:

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Dan HomePhysique says:

There's a few videos of me training my calves

Dan HomePhysique says:

Ether is good, if you want to save money, just go with strong coffee

BrateTebra123 says:

Make a video about your calves training !

missionkid says:

This or finaflex ignite2? Main goal is focus and energy this is cheaper though 60 servings for 27 sterling and finaflex 2 is 32 for 30 servings

Jayden Howlett says:

Also mirin calves

Βασιλης says:

If you really desire to bulk up, you should definitely Google the term "Aston Muscle Ripper". You are certainly get the appearance you merit.

dreamshaq says:

new c4, got no caffeine? looking at the ingredients and I don't see it :/

Dan HomePhysique says:

Cheers John

John Forte says:

mirin calves

yoshioi says:

@Dan HomePhysique yeah also I get a little disappointed when either the Pwo is simply bunk or its something I already had. For example I ordered N.o. 2.0, then they threw in another 10oz free then another sample of N.O. -_- as if I wasn't stocked up

Dan HomePhysique says:

It's a shame really. They should always bundle them in with sales as they get them for free anyway! Most packets say "not for resale" but they still sell them!

Dan HomePhysique says:

That's right my friend!

Dan HomePhysique says:

Will be marked up as such for a sales pitch.

Dan HomePhysique says:

In simple terms; Beta Alanine if dosed sufficiently daily will increase your overall endurance by a substantial amount (I find 30% improvement about right).

Generally you will see improvements to your rep range. Say I could bench 100kg x 10 after a week of dosing I would bench 100kg x 13 with little extra effort.

A good product.

yoshioi says:

Ah you lucky dog 😀
GNC Would bathe me with them but then they got uptight :/

seanjon says:

Ya i know that preloading is bullshit. Judt want u to use more product

seanjon says:

I take gnc multi vitamins, say energy on them. But i dnt feel any extra enery really after i take them

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