Chest, Back & Calves Short Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Training Routine – Workout Vlog 12

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Chest, Back & Calves Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Short 10-25 Min Training Routine – Workout Vlog 12 – – This weight training routine utilizes one large modified giant set consisting of chest, back and calves exercises for building muscle while stimulating fat loss.

Each modified giantset consists of 3 Trisets performed one after the other with 30 seconds of rest in between Triset. After all 3 Trisets are done, then you can rest 60-90 seconds and repeat the sequence 1-2 more times.

If you are a beginner, 1 round is enough. For repetitions, stick to anywhere between 6-10 reps per exercise. Note: I still perform higher reps for calves.

The workout routine lasts less than 10 minutes if you only do 1 giant set, less than 20 minutes if you do 2 and less than 30 min if you do 3.

Back, Chest and Calves Weight Training Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Routine Giantset:

Triset #1
Dumbbell Flyes (Pronated Grip)
Two Arm Rows
Standing Calf Raises
(Rest 30-60 sec)

Triset #2
Incline Bench Press
Wide Grip Pull-ups
Standing Calf Raises
(Rest 30-60 sec)

Triset #3
Dumbbell Bench Press
Stiff Arm Pulldowns
Standing Calf Raises
(Rest 60-90 sec)

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Gino Evangelista says:

Happy New Year Hugo!  I love this series – please continue to make more.  Thanks.

Serge Beaulieu says:

oh yeah great workout I like the way you did your flies I do sometime using the same as well you're obvious in great shape bro !

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