Clifta’s Diet Part 1- Figure Bodybuilding Diet Tips- Eat like a Pro

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You wanted to see it… so here it is!
Natural Pro Bodybuilder, Clifta Coulter Perez’s Personal Nutrition Plan for Off season to get lean and lose body fat.


Chipotle77 says:

I didn't notice your dog until she moved at 4:40! She blended in with the pillow and blankets, and she was so still. She's a chameleon LOL.

CliftaFIT says:

@barefoot56 Just posted part 2… It'll be on part 3. Will post that in the next day. 🙂

CliftaFIT says:

@Rocky4300 Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

CliftaFIT says:

@noelg30 Haha… that's what I tell him. haha… just kidding. 😉 Stop by again!

CliftaFIT says:

@ejasun Thank you! 🙂

CliftaFIT says:

@barefoot56 Thank you! Nope… watch for Part 2…. it will talk more about that. 🙂

ejasun says:

Thanks for Sharing . . .

barefoot56 says:

Great info…would you say this is more of a woman's Nutritional plan rather than for the men ??

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