Day in the life: Dr. Tony Huge: Vietnam: bodybuilding, hgh, supplement expo, vietnam gym

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Per your request, behind the scenes footage of a day in my life. Typical Day of mine while traveling through Asia to source the most powerful supplements, interview famous Asian Bodybuilders, source fitness clothing manufacturing, and spreading the word about fitness and healthier alternatives to steroids.


Arab Hater says:

hey Tony can I have your email? I have some questions I would prefer to chat with you in email rather then post for public to see on youtube! thanks brother!

Dirty Driver says:

Will you adopt me?

siqpuppie says:

Thats pretty cool how you're gonna go travel to the countries and meet the makers before making a recommendation. I don't think anyone can say they've ever done that before haha. Props.

Ian Solano says:

Loving your channel mate. Awesome info and zero BS. May I make a suggestion for a video or two?
DNP video listing all do's and don'ts including precautions. I saw your other videos regarding use of DNP and it's loaded with great info. Perhaps just an over view with everything covered?
Also, I often see your Enhanced Athlete supplement range being spoken about, including this video. Maybe one showing the different stacks we could use for different purposes.
Apologies if I've missed these videos and it's already been covered.
If you ever need any music to be produced for your channel, let me know. Maybe we could work together.

Keep up the great work :)

Isaiah Bolanos says:

if you could compare a sarm to a oral steroid like dbol or anavar result wise how would it measure it up like lgd & osta like of course the steroids are probably stronger but from a scale of 1 to 10 dbol gains being 10 where would lgd land in your opinion. and also I saw you mentioned anabolics have there place and that being said how do you feel about deca durabolin from your own experience if you have ran it before. thank you in advance, im constantly on look out for your videos, keep'm coming!

Alan Kader says:

How are your pecs so nice and thick? do you hit them once a week or twice a week? Great video btw

Mark Robinson says:

Dear heavens you look shredded

Peter Rincan says:

Awesome, thank you for the response. How soon after my cycle ends should I start? Also you should have a testimonial page of some sort. So we could share our success stories.. I'm down 22lbs in just under a month on dnp

Jesus Sanchez says:

Worth the wait and hassle of bad wifi. Such an interesting culture, especially in the context of supplements and medicine.

Sardinah De Paiva says:

Tony I'm in public safety a firefighter/paramedic and the medical officer in my shift, having a foundation of pharmacology I understand Enhanced Athlete product.
We have so many obese and out of shape firefighters all across the country they need to be opened minded so u will be referring others here, I feel that honesty and product integrity is right here.

oody doody says:

I look more forward to your content than anyone else's. Thank you and keep doing your thing!

evil jake says:

just subscribed your insane dude all the dick pills and dnp and sarms and gear….. you also seem very cool person

Peter Rincan says:

Just finishing up a dnp cycle, few more days to go. What are ur thoughts on an ostamuscle rad140 stack, about a week or two afterwards?

Junior Sem Acento says:

Awesome trip… I've been in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.. and all looks almost the same.. incredible experience.. and I don't need to say that you're doing an amazing job sharing all your thoughts and experience…And I just place an order into your website.. But I think I will need to wait you to come back to US.. lol… take care

Brady Dobbins says:

could u take tamoxifen on cycle as an estrogen blocker. most people say use arimidex instead of tamoxifen

Henri Smith says:

Hey, I enjoyed the video where you talked about some of the keys to your success. More "life advice" content would be awesome.

Tony Christie says:

Dr Tony i personally think your you tube channel is the best and most informative channel out there, your 7knowledge is unbelievable you know what to take with what and why to take it to get the best effect,and buy that i don't just mean anabolics, the supplements and food have you thought about setting up or running it on the enhanced web site diet and the supplements to take for maximum results. if you can keep bf around 8 to 9 percent and still making gains and look full and muscle always looks hard, the you tube videos are good but a web site where its direct to you would be the way forward. whats your thoughts on this? anyone else

Mikel Rojas says:

Keep up the videos bro really informational

tregun7 says:

Really dig your vids! Thanks for the content. Info value is outstanding. Like you, I am supplement-obsessed, and've been looking for a new source of cutting-edge supps.. I think I found it. Will you focus exclusively on BB supps & gear, or will you get into things like live-cell therapy, antioxidant enzymes, telomerase inhibitors, nootropics, longevity herbs, etc.? Keep up the good work. 👍🏾 Live the dream!

Thomas Howard says:

Thoughts on code red and LGD together ? Or is it better to just go with Osta ?

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