Elle Vlog: Life Prep Ep2 – Bodyweight workout (home or gym) and tips on how to row properly!

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Today’s episode of Elle’s Life Prep includes my progress update for this week, as well as a bodyweight workout for you to do at home or at the gym (0:44)! I also include tips for how to row most effectively (2:45).

There are 10 exercises, which you can perform as a circuit.
Each exercise you will do for 1 min before moving on to the next, you can rest at the end of each 10 min round!
Depending on your time available or fitness ability you can change up the circuit, for example you can shorten each exercise to 30 sec if it is too hard, or you can complete extra rounds if it feels too easy! 🙂 I wouldn’t recommend any more than 4 rounds, that’s 40 mins! If you can go for that long, you might want to make each exercise more challenging by adding weight instead of doing extra rounds.
Comment below and I can give you an easier or harder option to suit your ability!!
1. Plank up-downs
2. In ‘n’ out squat jumps
3. Straight leg donkey kicks
4. Ring rows
5. Glute bridge (double or single leg)
6. Push ups
7. Rowing (Including technique tips!)
8. Climbing crunch or mountain climbers
9. Quick tuck jumps
10. Leg curls

Enjoy! Let me know how you go!

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