Eric Helms | How To Diet In A Flexible Manner | SBS Conference 2017

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Eric Presenting at the SBS Conference 2017.

ALL CREDIT to Eric & Shredded By Science.

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segason6 says:

Do you think you could do a video on "coach vs competitor" mentality? As I'm learning more about training and nutrition, I don't think I'll ever be a coach as I've always liked being the "athlete" rather than the coach (might change). That's why I don't invest time in reading studies only to be "evidence based" (maybe if someone links them) because there are people like Menno henselmans, Mike Israetel, Helms, doing it better and summarizing it in things like MASS. I kinda don't have the coaching aspect in mind. Would like to hear your take on this one!

Leon says:

Yo I just discovered your channel through your interview with JP and I have learned so much just by watching a couple of your videos. Keep up the good work man!

Darragh Doherty says:

Are the 3 dieting tiers tracked by app or solely guestimated AJ?

Christopher Sobek says:

Thx for sharing! I personally like the model with the 3 rates (good, better, best) but I would take these also for the off season. but thats how I like beeing structured and having a day with just hitting calories is all the freedom I would ever need 😉

Darren Stanley says:

Great video. Would have loved to if met helms and just been a sponge that day. Gutted I missed this. I'll definitely be going to the next available seminar.

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