Fat Burning Workout at Home! | My Sisters Home Gym

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Happy holidays everyone! This is my workout from December 24th. My sister has an awesome home gym in her garage. Hit a upper body conditioning routine with some emphasis on the back. My goal with this workout was to keep the heart rate up and burn off the holiday calories.

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Matt Stephen says:

Happy holidays everyone!

Brian Robben says:

Love the work out hustle the day before Christmas. Get it!

Nelson Wise says:

Hey bro saw your comment on Christians video and wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work bro.

Tim Leysen says:

Hey brother love your channel! Just subscirbed, would you mind checking me out & subscribing too? Many thanks

Island Aesthetics says:

Hope your Christmas was aweosme brother! Gotta love that wood stove! Sister got a legit nice setup for home gym!

The Journey of Bodybuilding says:

When sister has a gym……it’s like “ I struck gold with this one”

Kevin Clements says:

Audio is awesome brother….new mic is good even in the wind

Kevin Clements says:

Good Lord look at that snow !! Really nice home gym. Sore can be good. The video is awesome from the SL2 & 10-18 !!! Great workout…love kettles that are great accessory gear,

Tray C says:

Got tired just watching that cardio, and movement bro. Happy holidays!

Lexus Marie says:

Great video keep it up.

Maurice Cooper says:

Yo, Matt, hope you had a great christmas, bro! Your sister's hone gym is awesome! Would you have any other workout ideas to do at home?

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