Full Biceps Workout Routine – High Volume Bodybuilding Training

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Biceps Workout Description:

4x 12 DB Curls
4x 12 Easy Bar Curls
3x 10 DB double Hammer Curls
2x 12 DB single arm Hammer Curls
3x 12 Wide Grip Barbell Curls
2x 10 Single seated Concentrated Curls

5x 15 Reverse Forearms Curls
5x 15 Standing Forearm Curls

Music By: http://amiam.bandcamp.com


shwe bama says:

Hello everyone. Wonderful clip. My brother was formerly a flabby. He remodeled his body from 284 lbs of fat into 206lbs of genuine lean muscle mass. That shit was insane! I just registered personally because I have to greatly enhance my entire physique. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

Alby Gonzalez says:

thank you for the support my friend.

Roger Benedek says:

Great vid keep em coming bro .

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