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The Satiety Index

All are compared to white bread, ranked as “100”
Each food is rated by how well it satisfied their hunger.
Tip: If you want to lose weight, avoid the LOWER numbers!

Bakery Products
Croissant 47%
Cake 65%
Doughnuts 68%
Cookies 120%
Crackers 127%

Carbohydrate Rich Foods
White bread 100%
French fries 116%
White pasta 119%
Brown Rice 132%
White rice 138%
Grain bread 154%
Wholemeal bread 157%
Brown pasta 188%
Potatoes 323%


Mars candy bar 70%
Peanuts 84%
Yoghurt 88%
Crisps 91%
Ice cream 96%
Jellybeans 118%
Popcorn 154%

Protein Rich Foods

Lentils 133%
Cheese 146%
Eggs 150%
Baked beans 168%
Beef 176%
Fish 225%

Breakfast Cereals

Muesli 100%
Sustain 112%
Special K 116% Fruits
Cornflakes 118%
Honeysmacks 132%
All Bran 151%


Bananas 118%
Grapes 162%
Apples 197%
Oranges 202%

Fullness Factors for Common Foods

Lower the number Less filling per Calorie

Bean sprouts 4.6
Watermelon 4.5
Grapefruit 4.0
Carrots 3.8
Oranges 3.5
Fish, broiled 3.4
Chicken breast, roasted 3.3
Apples 3.3
Sirloin steak, broiled 3.2
Oatmeal 3.0
Popcorn 2.9
Baked potato 2.5
Lowfat yogurt 2.5
Banana 2.5
Macaroni and cheese 2.5
Brown rice 2.3
Spaghetti 2.2
White rice 2.1
Pizza 2.1
Peanuts 2.0
Ice cream 1.8
White bread 1.8
Raisins 1.6
Snickers Bar 1.5
Honey 1.4
Sugar (sucrose) 1.3
Glucose 1.3
Potato chips 1.2
Butter 0.5


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I have only tried the grape which i have a video up, good preworkout but its very powerful and not every one can handle it and got headaches after prolonged use. I did hear a few rumours that they changed the formula a touch to help satisfy the law suit saying that they had amphetamine in there recipe which seemed to be bit overblown out of proportion. so in short i dont know lol

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