Golds Gym NewJersey

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Training in the USA I visited Golds Gym NewJersey. An amazing gym

Do you want an amazing physique?
Do you want a Massive Chest?
Do you want an Insane Back?
Do you want Crazy Huge Biceps?
Do you want Extreme Quads and Hams?
Do you want intense workouts?

Follow Drufitness Natural Bodybuilder Vantage Sport Athlete in real training session’s and discover the SECRETS to gaining massive muscle FAST.

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Dru Fisher: Biog

Height: 5’11

Weight: 220 pounds off season 210 pounds for competition

Career Highlight
Winning the 2013 UKBFF under 90kg

training Routine

Monday: chest and abs
Tuesday: Back and Arms
Wednesday: Shoulders and Calves
Thursday: Quads and Hams
Friday: lagging bodypart
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

What is your favorite exercise?

I have a few favorites, at the moment im enjoying shoulder press
But I love training legs

What Vantage supplements do you use?
All of them they are amazing favorite are pre workouts

What are your aspirations and goals?

My goal is to become a Natural professional bodybuilder and compete
Around the world

Who are your hero’s?
My hero’s have to be Flex Wheeler, Shaun Ray, Dorian Yates, Serge Nubret and my Dad

What do you do on your day’s off?
On my days off I continue to promote my personal training business and
Think of ways to take over the fitness world.

Gym Playlist:
I don’t have a particular list however will have a song that I can get motivation from, Rick Ross (I’m a boss)

Drufitness London’s premier personal trainer covering the whole of South London to Central London. An expert in his field With years of experience offering the latest in personal training techniques and programmes to suit each individual. Drufitness is highly mobile and will come to you. Whether you want to train in your home, garden or local park it’s completely up to you. Drufitness a Natural Bodybuilder with a combination of knowledge, professionalism and general all round friendly attitude, no screaming and shouting — guaranteed.
Choose Drufitness for personal training in South London, the premier personal trainer in the capital. Specialising in up-tempo and enjoyable workouts, so if you’re looking to get fit, lose weight or train for a specific event he can help you. Passionate about personal training and helping you to discover your inner strength and transform your fitness regime in a fun and active environment.

To arrange a no pressure consultation, please contact Drufitness today and get ready to improve your health and fitness tomorrow!


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