Greg “Mutant” Doucette LH posing routine 2012 canadian bodybuilding nationals IFBB PRO

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jim dandy says:

Excellent back development Greg

victor chippewa says:

Awesome build.

Greg Doucette says:

yes i remembered all the posing cues and could hear the music very loud. Terry Hendrix missed the song for me.

TheSkunkedFisherman says:

look at his legs :D

i3536 says:

flawless posing greg. Awesome work! Stoked to see you progress through the IFBB. Proud to be from the Maritimes!

zippyman818 says:

The eurotrash BB shows should take a lesson from a professionally illuminated Canadian contest. The commercial banners AND the athletes are equally visible without harsh contrasts, shadows or deadspots on stage. Did you mix your own music for that routine? Once you got into the routine do you remember being able to hear the music for posing cues?
You sat down very deep on your legs for the side shots and made smooth transitions, it looked natural and effortless!

zippyman818 says:

Did you do any 6:00 a.m. posing in the hotel elevator that inadvertently scared the crap outta some old ladies? Did you cramp up in the middle of the night due to your sodium/potassium imbalance?
Congratulations on a great routine. G'damn LEGS!

191965jesus says:

you are the best, really awesome, congrats, dear Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atlantarama says:

You always look good, but it's still great to see you in competitive bodybuilding condition.

Rahi P says:

looks very good

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