HIIT Training Workout Music Tabata

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➫Ready for hard work out? What is going to be today?
➫Tabata music is made for you, to give you strenght and motivation to get fit, get muscles and become stronger.
➫TABATA All Star for an easy fitness training. TABATA song for Hiit workout, Fat Burning in 4 minutes.
➫20 secondes effort, maximum effort, 10 second rest, and do it again, during 4 minutes.
➫The Workout :
1- Power Knees
2- Burpee tuck jump
3- Speed Skaters
4- Jump squat
5- Push-Ups
6- Mountain Climber
7- Lying leg raises
8- Russian twists
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●Mixed & Edited By: ♫ Dallel Houssem♫
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