Home Fitness Training With Cari Ham and Julieanna Hever …

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Muscle Integration – the key to getting a great workout! That is the message from Cari Ham http://www.fitnesstrainingbyjon.com and Julieanna Hever http://www.toyourhealthnutrition.com. This is part 3 in a series of home fitness routines that you can do without using any equipment at all! This is Part 4 in the series by Cari http://www.fitnesstrainingbyjon.com and Julieanna http://www.plantbaseddietitian.com. When I begin working with a client in their home, the first piece of equipment I tell them to buy is a Swiss ball or Stability Ball. The presence of the Swiss Ball is everywhere. We find them in large public gyms, private personal training studios, physical therapy offices, corporate board rooms, etc. There are many great benefits of making a stability ball Part of your fitness/exercise routine. It is great for your core, balance, stability and is fun! The stability ball is also versatile and adds some variety into your fitness and exercise routine.



I fell flat on my face with the scorpion ! lol…Can u guys do something for ppl like me with weak ab muscles ???? please and thank u guys

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