Home Gym – Fitness Tips from Canadian Tire

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Home Gym – Fitness Tips from Canadian Tire

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Hi Im Angus McOuat and I run the sports business here at Canadian Tire. And I
want to help you set up your home gym.
You dont need all the fancy pieces of equipment you might see at a local health
club. With just a few key pieces of equipment in your home you can get a great
workout in.
The first thing you need to start with is your cardio equipment like a treadmill a bike
or an elliptical machine. You want something where you can get your heart rate up
get a little bit of sweat workout for ten to fifteen minutes at the start of your workout.
The next thing you need is something like a bench and free weights. Its important to
have a bench that can go up and down and give you a full range of motion and
different sizes of free weights that allow you to vary the amount of weight that youre
using in your exercises. Its a great way to build up stability in some of those
muscles within your arms and legs.
And the last piece of equipment that I think is important for any home gym is a mat
and potentially some resistance band or exercise-type balls that allow you to get in
more of the stretching-type exercises builds more of your flexibility overall.
I think with just these couple of pieces within your home gym you can have a great


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