Home Gym Leg Training | 4-Phase Sisyphus Squats and Bands

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How I train my legs in my home gym with weights and resistance bands, Sisyphus squats (aka sissy squats) and hack squats.

Complete Program

1a. 4-Phase Sisyphus Squat 5 reps per phase
1b. Band Leg Curl 6-10 reps holding 5 s in peak contraction
Perform 2 supersets of 1a and 1b
2a. Wall Hack Squat 15-20 reps
2b. Swiss Ball Leg Curl 6-10 reps
Perform 2 supersets of 2a and 2 b
3a. Weighted Standing Rise on Toes 20-25 reps
3b. Optional Cossack Squat for mobility 4-6 reps
Perform 3 sets of 3a and 3 b


1. As Above So Below by Savfk

2. Maximus by Savfk



Kat4Animals00 says:

Hi Don. Haven't watched your videos in a long time. That is some strength! Do you also still have another Channel with recipes? Thanks.

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