Home Workouts for BEGINNERS to ADVANCED – NO Weights NO Equipment!

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Best calisthenics home exercises for your legs, abs, triceps and core. They all range from beginner to advanced.

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– Squat sit rocks
– Butt kicks
– Push ups
– High Knee Laterals
– Modified Planche Push-ups
– Squats
– High Knees
– Lunges
– Quick feet
– Surrender Squats
– Lateral toe / knee touch
– Rowing Abs Cross
– Walk down/ups planks
– Mountain Climbers
– Modified deep lunge
– Crab jumps
– Side to side jump planks
– Diver Shoulder Pushups
– Bakasana pose
– Squat kicks
– Pistols
– Knees to pistols jump
– Toe touch jumps
– Clams abs
– Total Core from Floor
– Donkey Kicks
– One Arm One Leg Knee Touch Plank

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OverLordGoldDragon says:

Badass quote. Reminds me of Bruce Lee.

This is Fit Quickie Workouts says:

Awesome and motivating, as always! And thanks for the motivation on new pistol squat variations! (grumble)

Jason “The Core” Altidor says:

It's the new years and you want to exercise but don't know where to start? I got you covered ;).
Beginners to advanced workouts with just your bodyweight. Try 20 to 30 secs whatever exercise you choose. Do your best and never settle for less!

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Best !!!

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