How to Find Your Perfect Bodybuilding Diet

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Tilak Raj says:

This is the advice.This should be made an anthem and said to everyone in gyms.I came across the instinctive principle in weiders book.Have adhered to it and your words just helped me…

Serafin Avitia V says:

Probably want to have a blood test, vitals taken before you start and when you end. 

Jin Lee says:

Hey Chris, thank you for the video.

That mini "speech" you said about bodybuilding is so powerful I think it should be made into a poster.

Look after yourself!

jermaine coleman says:

I'm on the same bout accept been lifting 3 years 

horse guinness says:

Hey man love your videos, any advice you can give would be appreciated, I'm 5ft8 212pounds 25% bodyfat, 34. Stuck between wanting to cut or should I bulk, been lifting for a year, thanks

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