Intense Home Gym Abs Workout | Abs Training | Week 3

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▶ Welcome back to another intense home gym abs workout! In this video, I train my abs to exhaustion and really target every muscle to develop the best six pack that I can. I don’t do anything absolutely crazy, I just target the muscles with different angles, different exercises, etc. You have to be unique and use exercises that you can personally do comfortably and safely.

▶ Abs training is something I have begun to enjoy in the last few months due to the fact that I’m not trying to chase the six-pack anymore. In fact, the only way to reveal the six pack is to have a lower body fat % then you may currently have. Some are naturally slimmer than others which gives them the ability to have their six-pack showing all of the time. I don’t actually look for that anymore because I know that by me planning on bulking, you can’t do both so I’ll develop the six-pack during the bulk as well as when cutting but that won’t be for a while as I’m trying to retain body fat as well as get weight up.

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RJ TheJet Rodriguez says:

Let the gainz begin 🙏🏽

Mike Staples says:

Check out this intense abs workout for some extra ideas or motivation!

Amanda Likes Lift says:

got some solid ab moves there. gotta love searching for camera angles haha

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