Intense Home Gym Upper Body Workout | Chest, Shoulders & Triceps | Push Day | Week 2

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Thanks for stopping by for an absolutely intense home gym upper body workout involving the chest, shoulders & triceps. This is push day week 2 and I’m starting to see some progress slowly but surely. I do plan to add a lot more mass for a long time due to the fact that my body happens to burn through calories like a machine and my long-term goal is to slow down my metabolism and have a tiny bit more control over what gets burned and what stays with me. I personally wouldn’t mind cardio as it would structure my day that much more and have more things involving physical activity in my daily regimen. I’ve found that the upper-lower body split works tremendously better than doing a full-body routine where my body either gets bored or way to exhausted and can’t recover as efficiantly as this push, pull legs, upper-lower body split routine.

If you would like me to do a series like this one in the future when I start a brand new program, I can certainly plan for this and make it the best that my vision can see. I also plan on expanding my knowledge base of things such as the anatomy of the body and remembering key terms that will eventually stick with me and help me structure my workouts better as well as building the right muscles to match the rest. There’s so much that you can learn in a given year that it’s become a part of my life and a passion to learn anything and everything possible. I personally believe more information will only make you believe in yourself more in the long run and give you something different to use for future events, conversations, and of course, for yourself.

I have also been working on adding more calories to my plate and basically learning every aspect of food and how simple it actually is. I used to complicate everything, and write everything that I would eat right in the moment down which lead to more failure than success. I had to learn that you can’t just eat large amounts and expect to gain weight, even if you can eat that much. Your body actually learns to adapt but it has to go at a certain pace in which your digestive system can handle otherwise it’s just waste. I’ve eventually been able to eat 1,000 calories in a given sitting which is 1/4 of my calories for the day. Just by working my way up to that big meal right in the morning, it helps my mental state of mind to stay positive and that I have plenty more time due to the preparation for success. Patience is definitely a virtue and that’s always stuck when I was a little kid. I used to fight it, but now I get it and work with it.

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Mike Staples says:

Thank you so much for an awesome year so far! This is by far my favorite video I've made so far. 🙂

EverFlexx says:

Keep up the great work 💪🏻

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