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Summer Is Here! Lose Weight With Me!

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I am hosting another motivating DietBet with beginning next wednesday the 29th. This is where you can bet your money that you can lose 4% of your bodyweight in 4 weeks to split the pot with the other participants. So, to help you out with this i’ve got a list of 5 weight loss tips that will help with your weight loss journey.
Starting with #1 which is-
1. Write down what you are eating! This is really the beginning for your journey, this way you can be honest with yourself and actually look at what you are eating to know where you are going wrong. Data shows that people under report what they write in their journal – i heard once that it’s like 20% so use this Journal to get the maximum benefit out of it by being accurate, Honest, and take the emotion out of it. Look at it as gathering data about your personal self.

2. Eat Real Food – stay away from processed foods, refined carbs, sodas/ Diet sodas, sugars and sweets, and booze (eh). Along the same lines, make your own food whenever you can and avoid eating out. Then you actually know what’s in your food, and and purchase the highest quality food your budget allows. It is very important your food comes from real sources.

3. Be done early! I think it is a good idea to give yourself some time after dinner to digest before going to bed. I don’t have a magic number of minutes, but I found that I do best when I eat dinner by 5:30 or 6 and all eating for the day is done at that point.

4. Exercise! Get moving so you can burn more fuel. If you would like some ideas on ways you can switch up your routine, You can check my channel out here on youtube where I have a little something for all ability levels. I’ll put some links below in the description.

5. Find some Motivation and Stay Accountable to someone, set some goals, and make it happen! This is why I like I really think it is an excellent way to get motivated and change some habits permanently. Good luck with your weight loss journey, and come join me as I host another diet bet at Check out my healthy cooking playlist for some healthy recipes to get you started on the right track. I’m Jon Ham from fitness on the run, and I’ll see you next Monday!


mask karanjit says:

If you are looking to burn calories fast, you should look up on google "Swift Fat Loss". That might help you get the body you deserve.

gus bisbal says:

Execise also stimulates hormones that produce storage of glucose in the muscles instead of fat. So a quick set of air squats and push ups before you eat actually helps you load your muscles instead of your love handles.

Fitness On The Run says:

I put a video on your discussion tab on your channel – I think my lower back pain exercises are great for golf! Perfect place to begin strengthening your core!

Wally17 says:

Could you make some videos or direct me towards them on your channel? I'd greatly appreciate it!

Fitness On The Run says:

You are welcome! Thank you!

Fitness On The Run says:

Try to get some good uninterrupted sleep during the day!

Fitness On The Run says:

You are very welcome! Thanks for the nice words!

Fitness On The Run says:

Yeah, everybody likes to eat different foods anyways, right? Thanks for tuning in!

Flugufrelsarinn7 says:

Simple and to the point. I like that you didn't give any specific diets or any "secrets" just reality, well done my friend!

Wally17 says:

Have any regiments geared towards golfing exercises?

jacklynannmarie says:

I love your channel! Thanks for all the helpful tips and work outs!

Sticky Advice says:

You are awesome, thanks ! 🙂

AwesomeIvory says:

Jon I do a lot of strength training and gained a lot of muscle but my fat is covering up all of it. Have any tips and exercises on how to lose the fat. Thanks! I'm in gymnastics and basketball so I want to stay fat free as possible!

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