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Juan Diesel Morel started his competitive bodybuilding season in 2007, competing in the NPC East Coast in New Jersey, where he received second place in his first show to qualify for nationals. From there, it led to many accomplishments and achievements throughout his bodybuilding career..

– 2008 Suburban Championship Winner of the Heavyweight Division and Overall Title
– 2008 NPC Easterns 2nd place in the Heavyweight Division
– 2009 Jr Nationals 7th place
– 2009 Grande Prix Winner of the Super Heavyweight Division and Overall Title
– 2010 North American Championships 2nd place
– NPC National Bodybuilding Championships 2nd Place
– 2011 USA Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique and Bikini Championships 2nd place
-IFBB North American Championships 1st Place Super Heavyweight Division and Overall Title
– 2011 – Earned Pro Card
– 2012 New York Pro Championships – Pro Debut 4th Place
– 2012 Europa Battle of Champions 1st Place
– 2012 Olympia Qualified and Flex Rookie of the Year
– 2013 New York Pro Championships 3rd Place
– 2013 Tampa Pro 2nd Place
– 2014 Arnold Classic Brazil 2nd Place
– 2014 New York Pro Championships 2nd Place
– 2014 Toronto Pro 1st Place and 2014 Olympia Qualified
– 2014 Mr. Olympia Top 10 Finish
– 2014 European Tour, which included the Arnold Spain, Dubai, Prague and Italy
– 2015 NY Pro Men’s Champion

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