Most important BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENT for men in their 40’s 50’s and 60’s

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There is one extremely important supplement for middle aged men in order to gain muscle in their bodybuilding workout routine. There is no supplement better than LOTS OF PROTEIN. 99% of all the supplements in the gym are found in natural protein sources. Amino Acids, glutamine, bcaa’s etc. are all found in protein. Just eat good sources of protein and you don;t need any supplements. As a middle aged man, I am gaining more muscle now then ever before and it’s because I eat LOTS of protein, do NOT overtrain and get plenty of sleep. Stay tuned for more workout vids.

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Renee I. Petranovich says:

Thanks for doing more videos!

Steed EOW says:

John Rose would beg to differ 😉 Check out his channel on youtube. A similarly aged man in great shape – convinced that a raw vegan diet is key.

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