Nexersys Workout at Bring It Home Fitness (sparring)

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Now, I’m no professional boxer/kick boxer, nor have I had any training in anything, but this unit has a built in trainer and teaches/coaches you on what to do. This is only my second day on this Nexersys, and I’m enjoying the cardio. It has rounds and gets you wanting to beat your personal best. Prior to this video I did 9 rounds at 80% and I was tired so excuse the slowness. But this bad boy puts you to work. I love it. This video shows you the “sparring” option. It has many different training exercises, that work the hell out of you! You can get it from Bring It Home Fitness in River Park, Fresno, CA. Give Ed a call, 559-438-1674 and mention this video!


Its piss m'lord says:

this was 3 years ago I wonder how much you've improved. . because in all honestly. . that was horrible.

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