P.E. Lesson

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In this video, you will observe me teaching a P.E. lesson with a warm up activity, Hungry Crab game, and closure. The objectives of the game were to work on underhand throwing and spatial awareness.

I thought the warm up activity went well except for some confusion, which was quickly resolved. The game was supposed to involve students crab walking to retrieve bean bags, but I had to change that to locomotor movements on account of goose poop on the field. After the first round, I had students go one at a time instead of all students at once. I also had to continually remind students to pick one bean bag up at a time. I think the adjustments I made during the lesson were effective because all students were able to collect bean bags and made the rounds last longer. One drawback was that while students waited for their teammate they were not active. During the closure almost all students were engaged and participating. I loved the high fives at the end! I think I could have explained the instructions of the game more clearly to avoid confusion during the game. I struggled throughout the lesson with managing student behavior, so I need to work on using more effective class management strategies.


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