Pole Dancing Lesson: How To Do A intermediate/Advanced Pole Routine With A Step By Step Guide

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Pole Fitness Lesson: How To Do A intermediate/Advanced Pole Routine With A Step By Step Guide

Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman to Online Beginner pole dancing lessons, To instruct you in the comfort of your own home, or as just as a reference guide. We will provide step by step instructions on how to do each position and pose with tips and advice, we are starting at the beginner level to get the fundamentals down to a tea for the beginners or for people who have been pole dancing for a while and what to go back to the basics.

Pole Dancing is a healthy and fun way to get fit and to meet new people and to help one another. You can burn hundreds of calories an hour in a fun way and get to expressive yourself and your feelings and the way your art in the art form of dance.

So please subscribe and join our online pole dancing lessons, please feel free to comment and talk to one another and join the pole community

The instructor in this video is self-taught and has been doing pole fitness for several years now and teaches and runs her own dance studio.

If you are new to pole dancing we would advise using a pole mat, link below what they are. As well as if you are unsupervised then we would also recommend using a pole mat if you are at a level where you can practice at that level.

Please feel to browse the play list for dance workouts at all levels from beginners to the very advanced.

Please feel free to watch through the play lists to learn the different moves with a step by step guide if your a beginner or advanced.

Inspirational Dance Routine For Beginners And Intermediate

Pole Fitness Play lists

Beginner Play list

Intermediate Play List

Advanced Play List

Disclaimer please seek medical advice first before undertaking new exercises, if you feel uncomfortable or are in pain please stop straight away, we can not be held accountable for any injury that may be caused in the unlikely event that injury may be caused by watching these videos.

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