Protein cake in 6 minutes for Bodybuilding with whey protein and healthy ingridents in [Hindi]

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hey guys this recipe is known as protein cake . Its really delicious healthy and easy to made . You can use this in both weight loss and weight gain . For any query comment below . please share ,like and subscribe . More healthy recipies are on the way .


Himanshu Gupta says:

Which peanut butter are you using

Sachal Khan says:

love you bro stay blessed … inshallah very soon you'll be more successful

Aditya Bhowmick says:

great video

Daniel Marshel says:

how to make muscle builing diet plan for begginers

manda ramya krishna says:

nice recipe. upload more videos for weight gain as per age. thx

mandeep singh khrurana says:

alternative of blueberries not available in our area simply

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