Raise XP FAST When Training at a Gym – Pokemon GO Vlog Entry 5 – August 10th

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Went to Balboa Park to amass a good amount of Pokemon that will end up in the grinder for candy. Meeting new people and trading back and forth Pokemon GO Tips. Use type advantage to train your Pokemon at your teams gym and use a lower level CP to win that first round of battling, and use the run bottom to end the training session. The gym will gain 500xp + if the CP is lowering then a 100 than the Pokemon you are training against. This makes leveling up the gym and creating a new slot for you to put up one of your Pokemon a much quicker process. Use Facebook forums and Reddit to gain tips and battle buddies. How I collect on multiple gyms but why having battle buddies helps you collect on more gyms. End of the day summary from the night before. Still a level 26 but getting closer to level 27. New display look to XP, includes overall total XP. New places in town I’m thinking of hitting up to Pokemon hunt. My experience with J Street Marina in Chula Vista. Heading out to Coronado and the eggs I hatched.

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Prankstersism says:

i hope they remove such a stupid feature from the game…. 500 xp for fighting at a gym is game breaking it makes me not even feel like playing it was fun while it lasted people ruin everything tho

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