Ripped For Summer Episode 13 – New Equipment, Progress, Diet Tips, & Leg Training

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Hi Guys! In this episode of my VLOG, I show you some new equipment I got for my home gym, go over my progress, drop some diet tips, and show some recent leg training. Enjoy!

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Lawrence Solis says:

As always, great vid KevD.  Thanks!

Rick Deckard says:

nice equipment, kev. you are definitely ripped for the summer!

rbgolfer2013 says:

Nice vid and great update!! On squats, focus on keeping that upper back tight and chest out, as well as sitting back and between your hips and "spread the floor" as you drive out of the hole… Also, drop the weight down about 20% because your form is VERY sloppy and you can be prone to injury. Try and fix this form and take a video from the back and side, and we can see if there is improvement. 

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