Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps Short Bodybuilding Training Routine – Workout Vlog 46

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Short 10-25 Min Shoulders, Biceps, & Triceps Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Training Routine – Workout Vlog 46 – – This weight training routine utilizes one large modified giant set consisting of shoulder, biceps and triceps exercises for building muscle while stimulating fat loss. To get notified as soon as I upload a video, sign up to my Newsletter here and as a gift you also get my 21-Day Workout and Top Supplements That Work Ebooks here: – Where I get my protein powders (Lean Pro 8 and IsoLeanPro), Powder BCAA, HICA Max, creatine and Sorenzymes. Use my code HUGO10 to get a 10% Off Discount on top of the already heavily discounted prices! – Where I got my bottle of Titan Hercules Injectable Aminos which consists of: L-arginine, L-lysine, L-carntine, glutamine, taurine, proline, ornithin, citruline, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (good for liver function and incredible antioxidant).

Perform 1-3 Giantsets. If you are a beginner, 1 round is enough. For intermediate and advanced, do 2-3 rounds. Rest 90-120 seconds in between Modified Giantsets.

Shoulders, Biceps, & Triceps Weight Training Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Routine Giantset:

Rear Delt Rows 12-20 reps
Seated Bent Over Laterals 12-20 reps
Arnold Press (with a slight incline) 12-20 reps
E-Z Bar Upright Rows 12-20 reps
Lateral Raises 12-20 reps
Reverse Grip Triceps Kickbacks 12-20 reps
Concentration Curls 12-20 reps
Neutral Grip Triceps Kickbacks 12-20 reps
Incline Curls 12-20 reps
Close Grip DB Press 12-20 reps
Incline Hammer Curls 12-20 reps
Lying EZ Bar Triceps Extensions 12-20 reps
EZ Bar Curls – Descending Set With Dumbbells 12-20 reps
Bodyweight Triceps Extensions 12-20 reps
One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls 12-20 reps

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