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Disclaimer: I am not condoning anything , this is not medical advice. Listen to your

Doctor only. These logs are a documentary of my experiences and other bodybuilders sharing their stories not to encourage anything, just to share some information and education, primarily to document for entertainment purposes.

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asahel lopez says:

Check me out @failurebreedssucess

Jonathan Casares says:

Good video!!!! Sorry I don't have a IG or face book I live under a rock lol . I just have a YouTube account.

Alex Chaparro says:

Great job on the progress. Subscribed make sure to check my channel out my friend !!

LjGainzTV says:

Some insane rack pull weights!

Strength Team says:

Man you have made a ton of gains bruh! About to add you in IG! Liked! #StrengthTeam

Alpha Living says:

Heavy ass Shrugs to scare off the thugs!

JPhysique says:

Those shrugs tho! Beast!

Jake's Lifestyle says:

Sweet Instagram! If I wasn't already following you I'd definitely hit that follow button!

Austin James says:

Nice Bro, Hella Progress! ima follow you!

Ryan RUSSO says:

some of these pics and vids are pretty old lol , shows how far i've come in a year lmao

Ryan RUSSO says:

Follow me on instagram : https://goo.gl/vs5OIF

If this is your're first time checking out my channel then feel free to check out all my other videos!

Food Challenge at 500 subs and new videos every week !

,Ryan Russo

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