Teen Bodybuilding Nutrition And Exercise Tips

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Hey guys it’s decoste ables here don’t for get to comment your thoughts below and also follow me on instagram @decosteables. Make sure to check out traintolookgoodnaked https://www.youtube.com/user/fitnessseattle if you need help with fitness feel free to contact me at toostrongables@gmail.com or inbox me on instagram

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Jack Taylor says:

Have you ever done a show? And if not when do you plan on competing? Much respect man I'm a teen lifter too, good job so far man keep at it!

Tare says:

Do you lift home or at a commercial gym?

Guillermo Campbell says:

look like kobe Bryant lol good shit man great physique, young and killin it

GadorX Samuel says:

Bruh , did you quit GadorX? It's me skiller070 you havent been on for awhile bruh , hope to see you soon

– Skiller070.

Mweetwa Sikabbubba says:

Do you have cheat meals

Buridoughboy says:

Interesting training split

SuperNate121 says:

Chef Decoste

tunedude19 says:

cooking nice

Mweetwa Sikabbubba says:

add abs?

Mweetwa Sikabbubba says:

what do you do for cardio

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