The Torque Fitness F5 (F.A.S.T.) Home Gym

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See a quick demo on the safe, space efficient Fold Away Strength Trainer by Torque Fitness.


Olivier L says:

@bbfolgart Ok, so you really think the F5 is better for a home, but that the F7 is alot more 'robust' and up to date. But what about the 200 lbs stack? Isnt it a little bit short when your using the full bar like a bench press?

And what about the cable, is the movement smooth like with the F7?

Thanks for your time I really appreciate to talk to someone who tried both of them it will help me alot doing my choice!

Olivier L says:

@bbfolgart Whats the difference betweet the F5 and F7? The F7 look more expensive and dont have the legs attachement. Do you know why its more expensive with less fonctionality?

jugerknott09 says:

Ok! How much is this equip? I would definitely use this at a GYM but i would never buy this for my house because i know it probably cost an arm and a leg..

Alex Wright says:

What a waste on money, Get a power rack….

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