Tips for losing Belly Fat at home (Simplest way, NO Gym) | Nepali Fitness

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This is the simplest way to lose fat if you dont want to count calories and go to the gym.

Home workout:

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thunder wolf says:

Sir I weigh 165 and 14 5:5 and I am prediabetic. I want to lose weight but will this exercise u say help?

Tamara Evole says:

I seriously love this Weight Loss GreenStoreTea. I'm an average size female, 125lb 5ft 7in, and just on occasion I feel a little bloated and want to shed a pound or two and this product easily supplies that. It is easy to drink (actually is delicious) and is not too harsh on my stomach. This is my 3rd time purchasing

Prashanna Gautam says:

this is the perfect diet plan for me.but in this course , do you think doing planks the mountain and crunches would be help ful ? if yes then how many reps or sets would you reccomend? and thanks alot.keep the videos coming :)

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