Vegan Bodybuilding Meal + Health Hack

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dunnymusic says:

dropping the knowledge like always

CiscoIV says:

What are your macros in a day? You said four of those plates a day?!

Sheesh. I can't do this mostly because of work everyday. I'd be packing a fridge lol.

I keep having to drink my RAW protein (4 scoops) from garden of life to hit around 200g of protein a day.

leopard prints says:

Btw, did you know that the main drink that Okinawans (one of the longest living, healthiest people in the world) drink is turmeric tea?

Myles Adams says:

Just so you know Hench herbivore the add i just watched before your video started was advertising wagu beef :/

ussyless says:

you guys gonna start cycling and go to the thai festival?

Alpha Pump Athletics says:

Definitely got a sub from me, keep grinding bro!!!

DaleAmigaman says:

I always put 1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric in my daily smoothie but I didn't know about the black pepper thing. I may start adding them to food like you did now.

Finding Vegan says:

I like Chia seeds holly got me into them. 🙂 I sneek them in my son's foods you can't even tell cause they have no taste.

palmer3977 says:

I suppose you could put a tea spoon full of turmeric & a few twists of black pepper in the rice cooker with the rice.

Jasmine Veganatics says:


Mixed Martial Lee Ⓥ says:

Life hack: write your script on your body! xD

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