VEGAN Plant Protein Diet (BodyBuilding Health Natural Weight Loss Vegetarian Atkins Muscle DrOz

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kc says:

Since most people watching are not going to be athletes anyways, so more importantly Vegetarians live longer on average, many Dietitians (Registered Dietitians – breaks everything down) endorse it too. See the links below the video for much more helpful info.  Many plant-based proteins from peas, lentils, peanut-butter, almond milk (real bodily fluid milk is made for babies of the same species), soy-meats, hummus, beans, tofu scramble (tastes like egg whites) and much much more – most get more than they need and poop it out lol. Animal products contribute to the leading killer heart disease too! – Factory Farms watch and consume less drugged and most abused chickens/birds, eggs and pigs. For Omega-3's rather than fish try flaxseed, walnuts, avocado, hempseed or chiaseed cruelty free without the mercury, nasty fish farms or hazardous commercial fishing with football field size nets that rape the oceans.

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