Vlog #1 Q&A | Why I chose bodybuilding | My current diet

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Snapchat/Instagram Q&A 3 weeks out from the NZIFBB Pro/Am
Snapchat: @libbyangus
Instagram: @libby_angus
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/libbyangusbikiniathlete/


Standing Strong Wellness says:

Ab envy, girl you look amazing!

Yasmine Barry says:

Hey Libby, do you eat greek yogurt (i can only find these at organic stores) or greek style yogurt (which are what the supermarkets sell)?? ❤️❤️

Alpha Pump Athletics says:

Definitely got a sub from me, keep grinding!!

GFitAthletics says:

Nice video, found u through instagram. Would you check out my transformation video on my channel? 🙂 id appreciate it.

Prefitness says:

Great Video. Really strong work from a channel so new.-Pre

Nicola Gardener says:

Excited to see youe future vid's! Can i ask what body type you have? like where you hold your fat mostly? Ive been gyming an exercising for a good couple of years now. I hold a big percentage of my weight on my legs, thighs n butt. Ive seen a few different P.T but when i have done there programs i end up even bigger on the bottom with larger legs n butt because of muscle. I really wanna lean out to see my muscles more but scared to see another p.t as i dnt wanna get big again. Is there any advise you can give me?

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