Which Bodybuilding Training Split Should You Use?

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Which Bodybuilding Training Split Should You Use? What type of workout split should you use in your workout program? Well, it depends on what your weak link is at the time, and then again, there’s no really wrong split. Experimentation is the key to success and finding what works for you will only be revealed in your experiments. Working out more often, definitely hones the groove and coordination of your movements, allowing you to lift more weight, therefore receive more gains, but this is not the only way. Perhaps the higher volume approach hits the sweat spot of the muscles fibres most dominant in your genetic make up, and brings more muscle mass and strength over all. In this video, Jason speaks about some of the factors involved in deciding what is right for you in your workout split.



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Banal Na Aso says:

I'm just wondering. I noticed your squats and bench press are not full ROM. I'm not hating I'm just curious if that entirely has to do with limitations in terms of joint pain or lack of necessity because you still see gains?

tbayguy says:

Went to the gym today to do shoulders and arms, decided to do decline smith first to motivate myself, put my warmup plates on, lay back put my hands on the bar, got up, put the weights away and went home. My mood plummeted in less than 15 minutes from feeling ok to feeling almost dead. My Dr is not going to like that. I try doing upper upper upper m-w-f and legs sat. Although I keep thinking I should just do chest and back mon and fri, and shoulders traps and arms on wed and legs sat because of how I always go heavy every time. Funny thing is that even though most of my motivation left me last fall when my woman friend the gym manager moved away I still constantly get PRs even after 5 years. Sometimes 3 in a week, but usually once a week in something or once every 2 weeks min.

William Granville says:

This was a great video with some great advice and suggestions. One thing you didn't mention is a the 3 day-full body split. I have some people swear by this routine, however they say for it to be fully effective you need 8 to 12 reps to positive failure. The problem I have with this is that I don't have a spotter so I really don't like to go to failure with things like bench press unless I happen to get to the Smith Machine. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about a 3 day-full body split?

Bob Abdelrahman says:

i switched to a 3 day split full body workout
i feel stronger and i'm able to handle heavier weights
so i think it works for me

James Melia says:

Another good very informative video!!!

Shamlo Faek says:

Awesome advice man, I think the most important thing to consider is the fact that you must truly enjoy your training routine. Once that is understood than the great advice you gave here today should be understood in full effect.

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