2011 Ask Arnold Training Seminar- Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Bodybuilding Advice – Part 1

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Arnold Schwarzenegger answers fan’s questions at the Ask Arnold Seminar about bodybuilding and training – March 6th 2011.

Arnold at the Arnold Classic giving bodybuilding advice in 2011 at Arnold Classic Expo in Columbus, OH. Get bodybuilding advice and training information from Arnold! This is a full Arnold video- check out our other parts!

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ocantu1987 says:

Arnold is awesome!

MrLisztomaniac says:

What a legend

h4wokK1ng says:

Arnold forgot to say; Look how beautiful I look, give me your money

Nimba says:

Why do all bodybuilders have dark voices? :p

Judgementxxx says:

Even more with the Terminator theme playing as you walk off.


All Parts… ask-parts

Judgementxxx says:

Followed by a nod at his grave, with a slow motion turn and you throw you
coat over your shoulder and walk towards the sun set.

ralphnbritt3 says:


John Rose says:

Exactly! Bodybuilders on stage go to fast for you to analize the whole body
and they don’t suck in their stomachs

innovations says:

Nobody talks like this.hehe

warren j says:

lol Closed captioning is classic… some of the words it writes is soo
funny lol

casinoroyalplayer says:

Hey AL^^

SchweizerExpo says:

hey al

Robert Powell says:

@tomwaitsfan84 IT’S NO WHERE CLOSE TO WHAT HE’S SAYING LOL. This is what
old people and children hear him say when he speaks probably. Haha.

Craig Stuckey says:

Click cc, click transcribe audio, click ok, enjoy!

Bravilor says:

Lifted 360 lbs how? 🙂

Sindre Wilberg says:

Arnold giving advice – automatically following them

EtherealAesthetic says:

@ 01:33 evidence of safe advanced license heavens lol! yeah great
translation technology! 😀

sawboy2 says:

@ballzyification youre welcome

aarontheman9196 says:

360 pounds, dang, pretty good. im assuming thats bench press. id noticed
the pictures of him in the papers starting to show his arms and legs
thickening back up again. saw a few pictures of him on a bike where it was
clear hes getting back into serious shape. cant wait to see the finished
product when his comeback movies comeout. you da man arnold.

dafrog491 says:

360 lbs…badass mofo

heavystrooper says:

What does he says? He trains avery evening during half an hour before he
goes to bed and he lift 360 pounds?

MrBeckenhimself says:

360 pounds at Arnolds age HOLYSHIT! I´m 29 and I can´t even bench that
amount of weight.

Keelerr Nikka says:

no. your mistake was drinking period blood

RadenMan says:

@tomwaitsfan84 trololol!

nuttypagal says:

is he working out again?

SteveTurano says:

roids ~ Steve

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