A Day In My Bodybuilding Diet

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barthelfitness says:

apologies for the lack of videos last 2 weeks! Been swamped with black
friday as we will be having EPIC deals and promos – dropping some new
products as well!
I also hired on a personal assistant for myself ( weird I know lol ) to
better help get more raw real in my life videos id really like to share
between my passion for bodybuilding/fitness and my life as a business
owner!!! and food porn!

barthelfitness says:

also have a pre workout smoothie I’ve been doing from time to time recently
ill post tonight :)

yinzr says:

hey jr,

i’ve been a fan from the beginning, but i feel like your video frequency
and quality as decreased. 2010 – 2012 were good then you started to fall
some starting 2013. not hating, i just dont want to see this channel

Lijah Lee says:

You and Maggie still together? 

J Smitty says:

Those teriyaki chicken thighs are the best


Keep them vids coming man, and also what up with your intro man, pumps me
up everytime I see, but not today…

Thomas Howard says:

was checking out that new Alpha Black you have coming out
says its 40mg Epi and 25mg Tren per pill .
shouldnt that be the other way around 40mg tren and 25mg epi
80mg epi is gonna give some wild back pumps haha
great video as always long time subscriber, keep em coming

casey washington says:

almost forgot who’s Barthel lol

great video !

Zach m fitness says:

Good stuff man been missing your videos! 

DCBoys86 says:

Those food containers for sale yet?

Jordan Gibson says:

Do you track your macros on MFP? 

maximumslinky says:

Where are you getting your buffalo chicken and teriyaki chicken? I travel
for work alot and live out of hotels and spending my days off cooking for
the work week is a bummer.

Angelos Boko says:

Love this! You’ve come a long way JR, keep this good content coming and I
wish you all the best with the brand. (alpha crew checking in 😉 )

Grant Willingham says:

Man that’s a fuck load of protein, what’s your daily macros atm? , I feel
like some of dem chicken strips , need to find some in Australia, keep it
real man !

Michael Mix says:

Are you still releasing alpha black?

Jylo. says:

what ice tea is he drinking

Etinity PC says:

What an impressive physique! Keep up the good work man! 

dvfb76 says:

Lol thought you were natty? Yet your selling a prohormone alpha black

Emilio Cesario says:

yo JR, what are your cutting calories looking like? do u incorporate any
cardio during the cut?

olf484 says:

Does his brother have a instagram account?

Donald Trumping says:

Does anyone know the name of the song at the end and who sings it???

Michael Bean says:

Great video man! For some of the best gym advice, tips, and workout vlogs,
checkout my channel!

Phill Dylewski says:

what exactly is shred complex?
is it a pre workout or a fat burner?
can someone please clarify

orangeblood85 says:

is that blue shirt you had on for your last meal one of yours? if not, what
brand? thanks.

jon barrett says:

You should make a vid of what happened with you and Maggie 

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