BajheeraIRL – Chest Workout & Diet Updates – Natural Bodybuilding Vlog

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Sup guys! 😀 Feels like it has been a while since my last Gym video, so I wanted to be sure and share some of my Chest Workout with you along with some updates to my diet! 😀

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Feels like it has been a while since my last Gym video, so I
wanted to be sure and share some of my Chest Workout with you along with
some updates to my diet! 😀 

Linkan says:

7:28 Jesus fucking christ what is the girl doing in the background? Most
horrible form Ive ever seen

amcynic says:

Dudes that upload workout videos are fags.

Spreng Derp says:

Good to see Hotted going to gym despite all the nasty shit people say. Also
a possibly stupid question: Do you count the weight of the bar when saying
the amount you bench?

legitsrs says:

Calories in vs. calories out baj >.<

Blackain66 says:

holy sh*t wasnt hotted working already out like a year ago?
guess hes just the typcial teamplayer failing to do his shit alone..

Leroi Williams says:

If you are looking at cutting down even leaner, I’d recommend lowering your
fats and giving yourself more carbs – 100g fats is quite overkill (whether
they are from “healthy” sources or not). You’ll be able to keep performance
higher for longer with higher carbs (this is imperative to maintaining the
muscle you worked so hard for during your “bulk” or “offseason”, why let it
all go to waste!) You will also be able to eat a lot more when it comes to
food volume – meaning you have more room to move when you need to drop your
calories even further (which inevitably has to happen if you want to
continue to drop bodyfat – unless of course you want to add more cardio).
Another option you have is to add in a weekly carb refeed to help replenish
depleting muscle glycogen stores. Hope this helps!

TheEpic MMO says:

Nice dude! I just got my personal record last week. Was doing max
75kgs(165lbs) beforem pushed 80kgs(176lbs) last week. Sounds small to you
guys though, but it’s a start 🙂 Seeing results comming more and more and
it all started like 7 months ago, because of you. 

Jose Montero says:

Omg.. That nigga hotted.. is fucking huge. Im over here thinking ” oh shit
that nigga gonna bring the building down, who tf is that.. ” then baj says
” Hotted ” 

Kratum says:

Baj dont need no spotter, he has A BEARD

Juan Andres says:

Baj why dont you lower the bar all the way to your chest when you bench
press??…just curious
Really enjoy your gim videos
Keep up the great work

AskClearful says:

damn your 2400 calorie is a cut thats a bulk for me lol

Robert Breen says:

Do you think you could go deeper on your flat bench? Without a spot it’s
hard, but if you got a spot you could bring the bar right down to the

CBFit (Chance Burger) says:

Solid lifting for being on a low carb diet.. Gotta lift sometime it’d be

Liquid_Berryllium says:

I stopped working out and eating right a couple weeks ago. Depressions a
bitch ya know.

KyleBJobey says:

Hey Baj / Any other Baj watches that may know.. I have a question, since I
am working out a bit different. So, atm I do reps until my form suffers (So
say 10, 8, 7) instead of aiming for a flat 8/8/8 or 10/10/10 with a little
less weight etc.. As a way to push myself until I know I cant push any
more.. Is there any downfalls to doing it this way, seeing as most people
have a flat, static number of reps in their workout

Chris Perry says:

hey man, I’m huge into working out, wanted to share a little something I
learned about an alternate/better workout for your upper chest. Instead of
doing incline bench press, have you ever tried reverse grip flat bench?
Studies showed that doing that exercise works out your upper chest around
70% more. Give it a try if you havent already man!

Towelz says:

This guy’s cockiness disgusts me, he can’t even do 225×10 legitimately or
315×5 or 405×1 and he claims he’s elite natural bodybuilder. He thinks he’s
so big but I can put him in his place.

larsson909 says:

your benching technique is not the best, you are flaring way to much at the
bottom, think of benchpress like a screw motion, where u tuck at the bottom
and flare on ur way up. 

muziklover083 says:

Finally! A workout video, it’s been so long. The WOD beta is nice but I
really enjoy the gym content, you’re a big inspiration. I’m actually making
the transition to more bodyweight/calisthenics stuff which is fun and
pretty different from my normal weightlifting routines. 

jon stewkarn says:

Baj just a quick question, did u just instantly drop your carbs under 100g
a day or did u gradually decrease them?

TeryWoW says:

Honestly, if you just eat the way you’re supposed to, and not eat junk food
everyday you don’t even need a diet.

UFalum2011 says:

Thanks man. I found the diet information very interesting and helpful. I
am coincidentally doing a very similar thing right now, but I may modify it
some based on a bit of what you said.

eksaton says:

Maaan I wish u are my brother so we could play WoW together and to teach me
some stuff about the gym. Keep up the good work, never quit what are you
doing, just go harder, you’re the best Baj!!

corey crowley says:

Baj is not lying about the cardio, although he dosent always show it, the
times we have trained, first things first is 20 minutes of cardio; it
really does help to get through the workout! keep up the good work!

Nigel Mills says:

This is an awesome video, just make sure that when you’re doing incline,
look upward, helps with neck and safety. Especially when squatting 

Christo Janse van Rensburg says:

Hi bud, I’m not sure if it is just the angle of the camera but on the
incline bench it seems that you drop your right arm more than your left
arm. But good work doing those weights on that diet. Hope to see a few more
gym vids ^_^.

RoxerPro says:

Bajheera 🙂 you talk about eating alot of meat at once… you do know your
body cant absorbe alot og Aminos at the same time so its alot better to eat
6-7 times a day for maximum effect :)

Tigerys says:

nice vid….even this is not fitness channel your training vids are great

Michael Ripka says:

just made a purchase on cellucor used ur code thankx baj

Rui Guerra says:

Bajheera! Don’t let the dumbells touch each other on flys! You’re missing
out on the contraction. Stop them when they’re about 1 inch apart or so,
and squeeze your pecs hard! Makes it a whole different exercise.

Gavyn Klein says:

you are freaking huge Bajheera! hope you win the intel contest too! 

Most Hated Gaming says:

Baj, want your opinion on Cellucor’s P6? Whatcha got for me?

mtr654 says:

That lady to some leg workout on the pull up assist machine.

David Snow says:

2:51 I think the dude beside u (bottem right corner) forgot something DO U

Imre Ötvös says:

dude what’s up with the manner? towel and stuff?

Sean Hutchinson says:

Nice on Baj looking solid even on a cut with low cals.

Golmitogaming says:

I tryd out a low carb diet before, and i feel like shit in the gym. maby
its because i dont use any prework out supplements? 

Andre Seta says:

its funny, i remember when you were like a skinny kid :S now youre scary as
fuck baj

Harry Mango says:

Wonder if its just the angle but hes right arm looks foken huuuge compared
to left @ 4:25 for example :>

The Benster says:

Keep the gym videos coming man they’re great. P.S. loving the bad ass beard

Gabriel Brown says:

Leave it up to nah to be awesome

kleinsasser40 says:

XOXO, Thanks for the inspiration Baj, It helped me become what I am today.

Lestat Craven says:

No one wants to hear about your NUT protein Bro 🙁 keep that between you
and her ok?

Daniel Lantz says:

Nice vid. Going to copy your chest section tonight. I do need som new
machines to work with :)

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