BajheeraIRL – Intense Leg Workout & Diet/Training Plans – Natural Bodybuilding Vlog

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Sup guys! 😀 Had a pretty Intense Leg Workout that I wanted to share with you along with some thoughts about my Training, Diet, and Mindset at the Gym recently 🙂

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Had a pretty Intense Leg Workout that I wanted to share with
you along with some thoughts about my Training, Diet, and Mindset at the
Gym recently 🙂 

Pandamox says:

Yeah buddy glad to see more workout vids! Been missing the irl videos in
general, epecially gym ones

Razatiger Ault says:

yea, i am a decent sized kid for my age, and nothing felt more satisfying
than hitting 200 on the bench press

AmazingKarl says:

Ever tried Smolov squat routine? It needs a lot of food and you need to
force rest and lay off outside activities but it will lead to a 20kg
increase per 13 week cycle. Love the vids, glad you uploaded some more
smite! cheers.

OneZyzzBrah says:

Fucking hate leg day, this is why i skip it.. ;)

lo0nytntwow says:

Natural? Looks like you had a few buffs on you imo. BLADESTORM!

coldfire22 says:

Baj, thanks for the vids. Love the work out vids. Do you measure body
fat? If so, what %range are you in lately? And what percentage are you
comfortable with? Meaning, when will you stop adding calories? Also,
since you are adding calories, are you trying to get stronger or build
muscle or both (which do you prioritize?)

Thanks and keep up the great work! 

benblue3 says:

Holy crap! That woman in the background at the beginning would be perfect
for a femmeworc cosplay. Her figure is perfect. 

Narth666 says:

i think one of the chicks in the background was totally jonezing for some
of that baj D

wib wobJenkins says:

+BajheeraWoW you’ve motivated me to go to the gym, i have my first day
today thanks man :D

AllRealisticFitness says:

Damn you young boys with good knees.. I miss squats, bad tendonitis in my
knees stop me nowdays so the highest I can go is 315 for reps but I’m
taking tons of advil for days afterwards.. I stick to low weight and high
reps nowdays. lol

MiZTiiX says:

why no leg presses?

blakliffy says:

Weighted lunges after squats always wrecks me 

sup foo says:

Mileena in the back ground 0:45

Dayton Pannell says:

It’s bulk season Baj! Hope you’re eating a lot, but keeping it healthy. :D

The Troll says:

Stop bragging that you have muscles

Mario Pasquarelli says:

Dude Baj you should make a workout program with all your suggested workouts
and splits and stuff and call it the Dragon Daddy Workout. I’d totally try
it and so would tons of your fans. I know The Rock has a much larger
following, but he did something really similar and it brought a lot of
people together. I think it would be a good way to collect your knowledge
and get a lot of lifting(and nonlifting) gamers together to share their
experiences and results. Just saying. :)

GobbleMikeHawk says:

Baj, i think if you squat more consistent you wouldn’t have to take those 1
sec breaks at top. I noticed that you didn’t extend all the way up the
first 3-4 reps, then you went over to pausing at the top. If you extend and
stay at the top for less than half a sec you could be even more effective.
Its all about keeping the muscle under tension! Fluent slow motion an
taking less reps is better than having a break at the top.

Newownz says:

dat ass. pretty nice shot, baj 😉 00:45

Illvan says:

Bajheera, I want to thank you for advertising Cellucor for a long time. I
live in Sweden so it has been kinda hard getting my hands on their products
but recently I found a website that distribute some of Cellucor’s products
and I’ve been using C4 Extreme for 2 weeks and it’s the best pre workout
I’ve ever used and I have been using other pre workouts on and off for 5-6
years. Thank you!

GajoL27 says:

Christ, Baj, you look freaking evil as hell, staring into the mirror. I’ve
had some scary experiences with squats, so I mostly stick to deadlift and
legpress just to be safe, but you are just crushing those reps. You’re a
true inspiration to your fans and undeniable proof that we’re not all
basement dwelling fatties.
Mad respect and all the best to you and Jenny.

Dah pha says:

Some of this actually looks like it could be bad for your body. I’ve
personally been training stances and kicks, which has actually given me
quite a good build. I notice absolutely no strain on my body after doing a
workout. Due to the simplicity, I could easily do up to an hour or so
without tiring. 

james marsh says:

Hey Bajheera, have you ever trained while injured?

Like for example at the moment I have a broken Collar Bone (I was hit by a
van on my bike) , and I’ve been signed off work to do apprenticeship work
but I miss the gym and was thinking I could go to the gym and do legs but
not go crazy

FinjoPvP says:

I agree with Cali. An old school 5×5 routine which Stronglifts is modeled
after would be awesome. You would blow up Baj 🙂 and you could run also
since you still have a passion for it. Keep it up brother :)

Tyler Hugill says:

Any suggestions for keeping up the motivation for hitting the gym, even
when you don’t want too? I love to weight lift, but lately I haven’t been
motivated enough to actually go. Thanks for the vid Bajheera and for
keeping us updated on your progress.

Matthew Ilovecupcakes says:

yo bajheera, we should totally skype some time about bodybuilding… Never
talked to someone twitch famous that is really big into it. Would be an
honor and a pleasure. 

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