Best Diet to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Bodybuilding Tips Part 1 Male Fitness Model NarayaN

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Hey guys i’m now 11.5 weeks out from the Midwest Musclemania. In this video I discuss my diet at this stage in training, including the foods i eat and how much i intake per food group. Also i show some poses to give you a glipse at my conditioning so far. If you have any questions on diet and training please feel free to message me on facebook, twitter or instagram–( Links Below) Thanks for watching!
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Konark Raj Mishra says:

Awesome video man! Where are you from?

bill hill jr. says:

aye bruh follow me on instagram @ynot_btrue ill give u a shoutout. i wanna
talk business about fitness

Daniloki2000 says:

How much weight do you plain to lose? , You’re already very lean for 11
weeks out. out.

Henry Lugo Ruiz says:

Great body ! But what happen men u don’t have legs
Please train ur legs!

Robert Salacien says:

You said you dont take any supplements, not even protein shakes. so what do
you eat post workout?

En High says:

Good video Very informative Zero bullshit Pure knowledge

aka semoo says:

keep up the good work brother; well i always train hard and eating clean
: i got a six pack abs but my problem is that whenever i check my abs i
figure out that my lower abs is always big ; whats your advice for me
brother NN??

John Sebastian Ong says:

Why no fish?

Kneemy1 says:

I suck a lot if dick bro how do i get huge!

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