Body building tips: How to build muscle with Ronnie Coleman

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Eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman explains the best way for you to build muscle and explores the difference between good weight and bad weight. He also shares his own diet and workout tips!


devil4hunt says:

why he is speaking so slow as if there is something wrong with his brain. 

Andrew S says:

The comments section is full of kids with no respect.. 

hazmoar says:

every professional bodybuilder uses steroids. get that through your heads.
they also do this one thing called “lifting”

1975COREY says:

Pro Bodybuilders need to tell the truth and they need to be honest about
steroid use because we all know that the body will only get but so big

gnillortmai says:

Imagine how much bigger he would be if he tried steroids.

Mortar Clark says:

Despite always talking about steroids. Why can’t you admire the artwork of
the human body. How many hours of hard work dedication and discipline it
took to get to where he is. If it was easy you would see 1/10 people
muscular. Not every bodybuilder takes enhance drugs

leonard cacho says:

Ronnie Coleman . Go to wwe xD u take a Wwe ChamPion

Vibrant Void says:

he seems like a cool guy without the big ego

fps_evan says:

Ronnie has always been like this in interviews, he’s a bodybuilder, not a
professional spokesperson or actor. It’s hard to talk in front of a camera
believe it or not.

sid00123 says:

who ever is talking about steroids just do not understand the sport of
BODYBUILDING. u are all noobs

SuperTowlie420 says:

Ronnie is #1 and always will be

brenyboy26 says:

600g of protein. Go and get finggerreeeeddd…. I eat a max of 150g of
protein, anymore and i clog up like the drain pipe in the girls shower. 

manu sua says:

8time legend, many years of dedication to bodybuilding…hes one of a few
amongst the millions on this planet that sets bench marks for the rest of

Slade Wilson says:

He seems dehydrated.

Charlie Washington says:

Getitoutya@ youtube naturally.

Damian Hodges says:

Roids or not…He’s BEAST in the gym (go watch Unbelievable) and he’s
“8-TIME MR. OLYMPIA”!!! Nuff said…DONE.

michael delcampo says:

Lightweight !!! Yeahhhhhh buddy !!! 

GrillFox says:

He’s so high hahahah

Chriz Nash says:

steroids is a normal for a body builder. as long as they can handle it.
you guys….. motherf***** crab mentally… STFU!

MrKboat says:

The steroid comments are getting very old:( steroids do not replace the
hard work & total dedication that it takes to build a pro physique.


600 grams protein a day? What does he eat, DINOSAUR MEAT?

DmanHeadshot says:


NoShadowOfDoubt1 says:

I hate Geico Auto Insurance company.

anthony berrisford says:

was there any point in this vid ffs

maartenM1992 says:

yeaah buddy! 

pan panas says:

why he can not talk ?

izzy kingston says:

he looks so out of it

Amila Siriwaradana says:

Have you ever heard of regular folks melting fat–and delighting in three
full scrumptious meals at the same time? Copy and paste into google
Skinnimaker System to learn more.

Phantom Scorer says:

600g of protein?1 I can barely make 100 got no money for protein shakes

Ryan Ramsdell says:

Education is important but, gym is importanter

JussT Emmanuel says:

“Hi I’m Ronnie Coleman. First its not how you think it is,hehehe…It’s
little bit scientific than that..”

clofgtjc says:

Thank you Mr. Big Ron ! This will help me tremendously. You’re one
awesome dude Ron. Thanks for all the help you do for people.

PhysiquesOfNaturalness says:

‘Hi, I’m Ronnie Coleman, 8 time Mr. BodySteroider…’ so many likes,
what is this world coming to…lets be real, Ur nothing but a Drug abuser
and it’s very unhealthy how u are living, and ur synthetic muscles dont
impress anyone. Get clean bro or suffer the consequences

109Bulldogs says:

He looks like daimen waynes in a way

86gillamonster says:

His nose looks like a new Orleans saints logo…. 

sarju pote says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when other people do it
easily using Muscle Maker Method (go google it).

antreas kosta says:


Adil Meskine says:

Go Google Ready Set Ripped to find out how a mind blowing discovery made an
average guy ripped.

Horse From Hell says:

I love all these people who don’t even lift making comments…

Benny Soliven says:

I’m assuming steroids makes you develop a stutter. 

lakostal says:

hi im marty coleman

campbell4show says:

No mention of calories lol

Blackie Robinson says:

Why can’t I just take steroids like you Ron???

Joe marine says:

– Everyone says “if i had steroids i could do that”. No you couldn’t, the
work put into the level that pros like Ronnie put in, is way above your

SacksplatterWTF says:


CastIron Ladies says:

we should get Ronnie Coleman to make a cameo on CastIron Ladies

Suvo Saha says:

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you’ve put together but wait until you see the nutrition plan taught when
you check out Fast Fat Furlong… My brother lost 8 lbs in just one week.

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